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Our Story

'Fruits of the Spirit' has been made in partnership with Iris Outreach - the community engagement arm of Iris Prize Film Festival, a prestigious and global LGBTQ+ film festival. We have been so lucky to have their support throughout this project, and we can't wait to see where this little community short film will go! If you would like to donate towards the costs of film festival submission and other associated costs, you can do so here.


'Fruits of the Spirit' was written and directed by our LGBTQ+ Community Link Worker, Georgia Day.



When Maddy and Carys get outed to their church worship band, they have to fight to stay together, in the face of an institution that wants nothing more than to see them apart. Can they hold onto faith when it seems that their faith doesn’t want them? 'Fruits of the Spirit' is a dramatic tale of hope, perseverance, and religious intolerance - a tale that is familiar to many.  


Want to watch 'Fruits of the Spirit' at a local screening? Interested in hosting your own screening? Keep an eye on our social media, or email for more information.

Want to support the future of this project? Donate here to ensure that this film really reaches its potential.



We have submitted 'Fruits of the Spirit' into film festivals across the world! We have currently submitted to 57 festivals across 25 countries (with a focus on UK and LGBTQ+ festivals). We are at the very start of our festival journey, and, as of April 2024, we have recieved one selection: Honourable Mention in Hastings Rocks Festival 2024. More updates to come!

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We're excited to announce that we are now offering training sessions using this film as a vehicle for discussion as we talk about LGBTQ+ inclusivity in church spaces! Does your church or community group want to become more inclusive? Are you not sure how to start the conversation? Register below to organise a training session full of insightful discussion questions and actionable points for you and your church to get stuck into! Perfect for allies and churches who aren't sure about their next steps to becoming inclusive and affirming to LGBTQ+ people.

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"I really enjoyed it [...] I think it makes a great conversation starter for queer folks and Christians alike, [...] highlighting that there are actually places for LGBTQ+ people to explore their spirituality in a safe environment."
"I thought it was excellent. It was subtle, thought-provoking, and beautifully shot."
"It was brilliantly conceived and made. I found it moving and valuable in exploring the feelings of exclusion and alienation that come from at best ambivalent and at worst hostile responses in Church communities to LGBTQ+ people."

Set Photography & Premiere


All photography by El Bergonzini @eleditsfilms
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