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what is pride in marriage?

Pride in Marriage is The Gathering - Cardiff's second online event. Following the success of the Inclusive Conference in October 2020 Pride in Marriage seeks to continue encouraging faith communities to have open conversations around LGBTQ+ inclusivity and explore the shared intersections of faith and queer identity. an Wherever you are on the journey of LGBTQ+ inclusivity, we pray this event will be helpful for you.

Pride in Marriage brings the voices and experiences of real LGBTQ+ people to the forefront, providing space for real LGBTQ+ couples to discuss their marriage experience from a faith perspective. We recognise that there are many arguments for and against LGBTQ+ marriage within many religions, with hundreds of books, videos, podcasts and resources that argue both ways, and we know all of that can often bring more confusion than clarity. Pride in Marriage aims to simply re-centralise the voice of the people these arguments directly effect. 


We understand that one of the best ways for us to come together is through open, loving, communication. But we know conversation with LGBTQ+ people in a faith setting can be hard to come by. Many LGBTQ+ people have either experienced or fear rejection and hate from their faith community and may choose to stay in the closet or decide not to engage with faith openly. And of course, if you are not LGBTQ+ but want to be an ally it can feel daunting ask questions for fear of "getting it wrong".

In answer to this, Pride in Marriage will be hosting two online discussions with Asifa Lahore and Rabbi Janet Durley on the 28th of August. You can find information and updates on each discussion and more here.

Lastly, we recognise that Queer people from diverse faith backgrounds often face the same fears and struggles. We believe in and want to nurture a loving, encouraging Queer interfaith community for all people. We believe that together we are stronger, more resilient and richer and that together we can help to build a better future for Queer people of faith. We stand with you. We stand together.

REAL LGBTQ+ voices

Providing a platform for LGBTQ+ voices is at the heart of Pride in Marriage. Whether you have been married for many years,  have just got engaged or are unsure of whether you and your partner can be married in you faith setting we want to hear from you. 

Have your say and share your story - whatever that might look like - however you feel most comfortable, that can be through film or in writing there is no wrong way to contribute. (If you'd like to be filmed but are unsure of showing your face we are more than happy to film in a way that will protect your identity.)


rabbi janet darley

rabbi janet darley

in conversation with

in conversation with

august 28th - 2pm

august 28th - 2pm

Rabbi janet darley has always felt compelled by the injunction "justice,

justice shall you persue" found in torrah.

Originally from Salt Lake City, Utah she moved to London in 1989.

After a career as a lecturer in Economics and Social and Economic History at

Kingston University, she took early retirement to study for the rabbinate and was ordained

in 2009. Justice was at the heart of her rabbinate as a Liberal Jewish rabbi, from

community organising with Citizens UK, campaigning for refugees and asylum seekers

with Safe Passage and campaigning for LGBTQ+ rights. She was one of the rabbinic

advisors for various projects of Liberal Judaism such as Rainbow Jews, Twilight People,

Ritual Reconstructed and Rainbow Pilgrims and was actively involved in Liberal Judaism’s

campaign for same sex marriage and for reform of the GRA.

Join Rabbi Darley and The Gathering live on Facebook as we discuss the intertwining journeys many faith

communities embark on to reach loving affirmation of the LGBTQ+ community.


asifa lahore

asifa lahore

Britain’s first out Muslim drag queen is pushing the  boundaries of what it means to be LGBT, South Asian and Muslim. 

Asifa's impassioned activism on intersectionality, race, sexual orientation, gender,

disability and religion has led her to speak at prestigious institutions such as the

Lost Lectures, Channel 4 Diversity Festival, Women of the World Festival,

the British Library and the Oxford Union. 

We invite you to join Asifa and The Gathering live on Facebook as we discuss faith,

sexuality and gender identity, and how the intersections between each affect marriage

in the faithfully LGBTQ+ community.

in conversation with

in conversation with

august 28th - 3pm

august 28th - 3pm

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